How long does it take for my correspondence to show on your system?

Allow up to 4 weeks for your response to be imaged into our computer system. Before it is imaged, the Michigan Department of Treasury has no way to track whether or not your response was received.

Note: Sending by certified or registered mail will delay the processing of your information into our computer system.

You may continue to check our website for updated information using the
Check My Income Tax Info option on this web site. For privacy and security reasons you will be asked for your Social Security number, name, tax year, adjusted gross income/total household resources and filing status.

Click on the above link and follow these steps:

      1. Select the option "Status of letter(s) sent to Treasury".
      2. To verify your identity, log in using the filer's Social Security
          number and name, then choose the link "Check status of
          my letter(s) sent to Treasury".
      3. You will be asked to enter the tax year, your adjusted gross
          income/total household resources and filing status. Follow the
          directions given on the next page to check status of my letter(s)
          sent to Treasury.