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2015 Standard Taxpayers

(All taxpayers other than Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies)
Form Number
Form Name
Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Forms and Instructions for Standard Taxpayers (includes all forms marked with *)
CIT Annual Return
CIT AMENDED Annual Return
Small Business Alternative Credit*
Schedule of Shareholders and Officers*
Loss Adjustment for the Small Business Alternative Credit*
Unitary Business Group (UBG) Affiliates Excluded from the Return of Standard Taxpayers*
Data on UBG Members*
Non-Unitary Relationships with Flow-Through Entities*
Penalty and Interest Computation for Underpaid Estimated Tax*
Unitary Relationships with Flow-Through Entities*
Schedule of Recapture of Certain Business Tax Credits*
Withholding Opt-Out Schedule*
Schedule of Flow-Through Withholding*