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View History of Payments Made via MTO

View History of Payments Made via MTO

This tutorial demonstrates how to view Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) electronic payments you made for a business tax account.

Step 1: accessing paymentus

If you are already in Paymentus because you have made a payment, proceed to the next step.

If you are not already in Paymentus, the easiest way to view your MTO electronic payment history is by clicking Manage Payments within a Tax Service under Other Payment Options. You will then be presented with the Leaving Michigan Treasury Online pop-up window.

Leaving Michigan Treasury Online dialog box.


This warning advises that information you have provided to Treasury through MTO (namely your user profile data and payment history) will be transferred over to the payment platform. You must click Continue within 1 minute to acknowledge and agree to this secure transfer of information.

Note: This secure transfer of data is necessary to access the payment platform and view electronic payment information.

Step 2: payment history

In Paymentus, the Payment History page displays all the transactions that you have scheduled and/or processed through MTO for a particular business tax account.

Paymentus Payment History page focusing on payment banners.


Note: When you authorized the secure transfer of information from MTO to the payment system, an algorithm was used to create and maintain log in credentials on your behalf for JP Morgan Chase’s payment platform. This means that you do not need to log in to Paymentus because MTO did it for you. This mechanism allows payments scheduled by you and payment information provided by you to be securely stored and presented – only to you and only for a specific Treasury business tax account.

Note: For a more robust history of all payments that have already been received by Treasury and credited to a particular business tax account, visit MTO’s Payment History page within Tax Services under Other Payment Options.

Step 3: interpret banners

All Paymentus payments are categorized by color labels in the following ways:

Payment Status Banner Color and Label Description
All processed payments Green, “accepted” The payments are processed.
Same-day pending payment Green, “accepted” The payment is scheduled.
Future pending payment Blue, “scheduled” The payment is scheduled.
Cancelled same-day echeck payment (cancelled entry)
Red, "returned" The original "accepted" payment was cancelled (green label changes to red).
Cancelled same-day echeck payment (refund entry) Additional entry: blue, "refund" The refund record with a negative dollar amount matches the original entry
Cancelled future payment Blue, “void” The future scheduled payment was cancelled before it was processed.
Declined payment Red, “declined” The scheduled payment declined on the date it was scheduled to process.

The Action column will always display a blue View button for each payment entry. Click View to see all payment details, including the ability to cancel or modify the payment.

Step 4: log out

After you are finished viewing or modifying payment details in Paymentus, click Log Out.

You may exit out of the Paymentus window or tab and return to MTO.

Paymentus Logout screen.