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General MTO FAQs

What is Michigan Treasury Online (MTO)?

MTO is an e-services portal that allows businesses secure, 24/7 online access to their Treasury business accounts. This e-service allows taxpayers or their representatives to electronically file and pay business taxes, update account information and view Treasury issued correspondence.


How do I access MTO?

Access MTO directly at View the step-by-step instruction guides including log-in instructions for new or returning users.


Which browsers are compatible with MTO?

MTO is supported by Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari. 


Why should I sign up for MTO?

Benefits of MTO are:

  • Register for business taxes
  • Free and secure 24/7 online access to your Treasury business account
  • Update your business account information
  • E-file and make e-payments for most business taxes
  • View Treasury issued correspondence.
  • Single sign-on for all MTO related functions.
  • Authorized users have the ability to establish their own relationship (self-delegate) to a business.

Am I required to use MTO?

MTO is an optional service for most business taxpayers. If you are a 4% and 6% filer, you are required to file via MTO. If you are an accelerated filer or you remit credit schedules with your SUW return (gasoline/diesel or vehicle dealer supplemental reports), you are required to file via MTO or bulk e-file.

If I am a taxpayer who files SUW taxes by paper, uses commercial software, proprietary software, and/or a Payroll Service Provider (PSP), do I have to sign up for MTO?

MTO is an optional service for most business taxpayers.  Taxpayers and/or PSPs using Treasury approved tax preparation commercial or proprietary software can utilize MTOs bulk e-file option.  For more information visit the 2021 Approved Software Developers page.


How is my private information safeguarded by Treasury?

Treasury takes the safeguarding of taxpayer personal information seriously. We are legally obligated to protect all taxpayer information. Treasury utilizes appropriate physical, technical, and administrative procedures to safeguard the information we collect and process. All Treasury employees are properly trained and legally bound to appropriately ensure that your personal information is protected.


Am I required to create a MTO profile to file returns and make payments with Treasury?

In order to interact with Treasury via MTO, you must create a user profile however, you are not required to establish a relationship with a registered business. MTO offers fast file and fast pay options. View the step-by-step guides including creating a profile in MTO and filing and paying on behalf of a business.


I am new to MTO; how do I sign up for a MTO profile?

View the step-by-step guides including creating a profile in MTO.


If my business is not registered for taxes administered by MTO do I need an MTO user profile?

We encourage all business taxpayers to use MTO in order to manage their business tax registration information with Treasury.