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Tax Clearance FAQs - Corporate Income Tax

1. How do I request a Tax Clearance?

For information about requesting a tax clearance, contact the City of Detroit at 313-224-3560 or visit the City of Detroit's Tax Clearance web site here.

2. Why was I denied a Tax Clearance?

 The City of Detroit will provide you with the reason(s) for denial and the appropriate agency to contact for resolution.

3. What City of Detroit taxes are processed by the Michigan Department of Treasury's City Tax Administration?

  • City of Detroit Individual Income Tax Returns 2015-Present
  • City of Detroit Corporate Tax returns 2016-Present
  • City of Detroit Partnership/Estates and Trusts Income Tax returns 2016-Present
  • City of Detroit Withholding Monthly/Quarterly Returns and Annual Reconciliation 2017- Present

4. What information does the Michigan Department of Treasury's City Tax Administration report to the City of Detroit for Tax Clearance purposes?

The City Tax Administration reports the tax returns that are and are not on file and/or any outstanding tax liabilities for your account to the City of Detroit. The City of Detroit is responsible for determining approval or denial of any tax clearance request. 

5. Since the Michigan Department of Treasury's City Tax Administration is now handling income taxes for Detroit, why can't they provide my tax clearance?

The City Tax Administration provides the City of Detroit with the current status of all items related to income tax filings and payments. The City of Detroit uses this, along with any other relevant information, to determine approval or denial of any tax clearance request.

6. Why does it take up to 21 days to request an update for any denial of a tax clearance request?

If you are denied a tax clearance and submit payments and/or returns not previously on file. It may take up to 21 days for these items to be processed. This timeframe is standard for receipt of information for anyone submitting returns or payments by US mail. If you have a question about the receipt of returns or payments, you may visit Check My Tax Information or contact the City Tax  Administration by calling 517-636-5829.

7. If I am denied a tax clearance for an outstanding balance or missing return, how do I submit this information for processing?

When submitting returns or payments, follow the instructions provided on the form or voucher to ensure proper application and processing. If you have a question about the proper method for submitting a return or payment, contact the City Tax Administration by calling 517-636-5829.

8. Can I make a payment over the phone?

Payments cannot currently be made via telephone. Please see "How do I submit a payment?" for additional information.

9. My clearance was denied because of not filing a return, but I don't believe I was required to file. How do I correct this ?

If you were denied a clearance for not filing a return, but you don't believe you were required to file, you should contact the City of Detroit's Clearance team by email at or by calling 313-224-3560 and selecting option 4.

10. I never received notice from the City of Tax Administration that I owe a debt. What can I do to resolve this?

If you have questions about an outstanding balance, contact the City Tax Administration at 517-636-5829.