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General FAQs - Estates and Trusts Income Tax

1. How do I change my address?

Your address is updated based on your most recent return filing. 

If you need to change your address and have already filed a return, send correspondence to:

Michigan Department of Treasury
P.O. Box 30741
Lansing, MI 48909

2. Do I need to submit a Power of Attorney?

Yes. If you would like to authorize the Michigan Department of Treasury to communicate with a named individual or entity acting on your behalf. See Authorized Representative Declaration (Form 151) for additional information.

3. How do I submit a Power of Attorney?

Complete the Authorized Representative Declaration (Form 151) to authorize the Michigan Department of Treasury to communicate with a named individual or entity acting on your behalf. Please be aware that all information designated as "required" must be supplied for this authorization to be effective. Instructions for submission are included on page 2 of the form.

4. I have a Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) account, can I use that for my City of Detroit Taxes?

City of Detroit Taxes are not currently available on MTO.

5. How do I discontinue my City of Detroit Estates and Trusts Income Tax account?

Submit your final return and include correspondence to advise of discontinuance.