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10-Day Demand for Payment

  • Follow the instructions provided on your notice. Checks or money orders should be made payable to “State of Michigan – Detroit.” Write the last four digits of the primary filer’s Social Security number on the check or money order. Do not fold or staple.

    To ensure proper application of your payment, include the payment voucher provided with your notice.

    Mail to:

    Michigan Department of Treasury
    P.O. Box 30738
    Lansing, MI 48909

    Payments are not accepted via telephone or online.


  • A 10-Day Demand for Payment is issued based on the acceptance of the balance due on the originally filed return. Please review your records and carefully review the submitted return.

    If you have questions about the balance, you may contact the City Tax Administration at 517-636-5829.

    If you need to make changes to your return, see the FAQ listed under filing requirements, “What should I do if I received another W-2, or have discovered an error on my return after I filed?"

    If you file an amended return, ensure that you have included any documentation to support the changes.
    View Amended Return FAQs

  • Allow 30-45 days for your payment to be received and processed. After this time frame if your payment has not been processed, please provide proof of payment by submitting copies of the front and back of the cashed check or money order along with a copy of the notice that you’ve received. You may submit the information to:

    Michigan Department of Treasury
    City Tax Administration
    P.O. Box 30741
    Lansing, MI  48909

  • In order to avoid the addition of monthly penalty and interest charges, you should pay your balance by the due date. If you are unable to pay your assessment in full, we recommend that you pay as much as you can, as often as you can.

    If you are sending in a partial payment, make a copy of the voucher attached to your letter and mail with each payment. The mailing address for your payment is provided on the bottom of the voucher. Write the last four digits of the primary filer’s social security number on the check. This will ensure accurate and timely processing of your payment. Failure to pay the balance in full by the due date may result in the referral of your account to a Collection Agency.

  • A 10-Day Demand for Payment is issued when a return is filed indicating a balance due and no payment, or an insufficient payment was received.