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5. What should I do when I owe tax and want to e-file my tax return?

When you e-file and owe tax, your payment is due April 15. To avoid penalty and interest, payment of taxes due should be made on or before April 15.

There are now two ways to pay tax due on e-filed returns:
     •  Direct Debit. Payment on a tax due return may be made using direct debit only at the time the return is e-filed, if supported by the   
     •  Or, submit your payment with Form 5122 City Individual Income Tax E-file Payment Voucher (City-V). Your tax preparer
        or computer software will provide a copy of the form. You can e-file your return at any time during the e-file processing
        season; however, the City-V must be included when payment is submitted. Do not include a copy of your return with
        your payment.

At this time, payments are not accepted via telephone or online.