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3. What should I do if I received another W-2, or have discovered an error on my return after I filed?

If you need to make changes to your return including, but not limited to, wages, withholding, adjusted gross income or exemptions, you must file an amended return.

Note: If an error was made on an electronically filed return for the tax year 2015 or 2016, you must file a paper amended income tax return. On a paper return, check the amended box in the upper right hand corner and submit by mail with documentation to support any change(s).

Beginning with tax year 2017, amended returns may be e-filed when supported by the software. Documentation to support the changes must be uploaded electronically with the e-file return (if supported by the software) or mailed separately to:

        Michigan Department of Treasury
        City Income Tax Administration
        PO Box 30741
        Lansing, MI 48909

Amended returns received using the incorrect form or missing pages will not be processed.

You must provide an explanation of the changes on the amended return under Part 6. Failure to include an explanation may result in a denial of the return.

Include form 5121 City of Detroit Withholding Tax Schedule if you are amending because of a corrected W-2 or additional W-2 forms received after you filed your original return. If you need to allocate your wages, or change an allocation, you must submit form 5121 and complete part 3.