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Auctions and Claimants

In the summer of 2017, the State of Michigan began utilizing to conduct real property foreclosure auctions in the select counties for which we act as the Foreclosing Governmental Unit (FGU).  You may direct questions regarding auctions to 800-259-7470.  All state foreclosure auction results from 2002 to present are available in the following link.

Beginning with the 2021 foreclosures, in accordance with MCL 211.78t those who hold title or equity interest in property at the time of foreclosure, may file to claim leftover proceeds, if any are available, associated to those parcels which sell for more than the owing delinquency.  Claiming potential proceeds begins with filing the below form 5743 Notice of Intention to Claim Interest in Foreclosure Sales Proceeds with the Foreclosing Governmental Unit (FGU) by the July 1 immediately following the effective date of the foreclosure.  The FGU will respond by January 31 following the foreclosure auctions, with a form 5744 Notice to Claimant to File Motion with the Circuit Court.  Provided there actually are surplus proceeds remaining for the property, the claimant may then file a motion with the circuit court between February 1 and May 15, following the notice from the FGU.  The courts will then set a hearing date and time to determine claim payments.

For the six counties where the State of Michigan acts as the foreclosing governmental unit, claims may be mailed to:

Michigan Department of Treasury
Community Services Division
430 West Allegan
Lansing, MI 48933

A claim may be made for pre-2021 foreclosure sales only if the Michigan supreme court orders that its decision in Rafaeli, LLC v Oakland County, docket no. 156849, applies retroactively.  We will update this information, following any supreme court ruling.