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    If your account is assigned to a field office, you may call and make an appointment with a Revenue Officer .

    For all other accounts please call one of the numbers listed below to try to resolve your issue before visiting.

        Collection Services Bureau 517-636-5265

        Individual Income Tax Refund Information  517-636-4486
        (24 hours a day)

        City of Detroit Income Tax  517-636-5829
        (2015-current year only)

        Corporate Income Tax/Michigan Business Tax 517-636-6925

        Motor Fuel 517-636-4600

        Sales, Use & Withholding 517-636-6925

        Flow-Through Withholding 517-636-6925

        Single Business Tax 517-636-6925

        Tobacco Tax 517-636-0680


  • You received an assessment from Michigan Department of Treasury because it has been determined that you owe money to the State of Michigan. Your debt may be for individual taxes, business taxes or for a state agency debt.

    Your assessment includes an explanation of the debt owed and the associated time period in the section entitled "REASON FOR TAX BILL". If you need additional information, please call the tax division or agency that issued the assessment. A phone number is included on the assessment.

  • The Michigan Department of Treasury is offsetting your federal refund due to a state income tax debt. The State of Michigan and the IRS have entered into an agreement to intercept, or offset federal tax refunds when there is an outstanding state income tax debt. For more information view Federal Treasury Offset Program (TOP).

  • Your refund has been applied to a balance that is owed to the State of Michigan and/or a Third Party Garnishment.