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What is a special assessment?

Special assessments are charges that are not based on the taxable value of your home. Special assessments can appear on your property tax statements with a millage rate of 0.0000 or no millage rate at all. If you have any questions regarding special assessments in your area, contact your local city/township/village assessor's office.

The following is a partial list of examples for special assessments:

  1. Drains
  2. Sewers
  3. Roads
  4. Solid waste fee
  5. Delinquent water
  6. Sidewalk
  7. Street lights
  8. Pavements
  9. Recycling
  10. Milk River
  11. Rubbish
  12. Garbage Pick-up
  13. DR F012
  14. DR B030 Blakely
  15. Emit Rd Maintenance
  16. X2043

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