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SC- Kent County

08:30 AM 17-000452-R Dale L. Sullivan vs. Township Of Spring Lake
09:00 AM 17-002845 Robert Volkers Properties LLC vs. City Of Grand Rapids
09:30 AM    
10:00 AM 17-002835 Arby's vs. City of Wyoming
10:30 AM 17-003668 Brenda L Johnson vs. City of Wyoming
11:00 AM    
11:30 AM 17-003042 Eric F Zuzga vs. Township Of Hope
01:00 PM 17-003445 Weston D Newman vs. Township Of Sherman
01:30 PM 17-002976 Sunny Bunch CCC Inc vs. City Of Portland
02:00 PM 17-004330 Philip L Scaggs vs. Township Of Boston
02:30 PM 17-002961 Steven W Schroder vs. Township Of White River
03:00 PM 17-004069 Michael L & Barbara Woudwyk vs. Township Of Egelston
03:30 PM 17-003409 SRF Properties LLC vs. Township Of Robinson
04:00 PM 17-003414 Onekama Enterprises LLC vs. Township Of Allendale