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Prehearing General Call Notices

Notices of Prehearing General Call are issued two times per month. Each Prehearing General Call currently contains approximately 150 cases. The Prehearing General Call provides the parties nine months in which to prepare, file, and exchange their valuation disclosures. Therefore, motions for extension of time will be granted only in the rarest of circumstances. Parties who do not comply with the established deadlines may not be permitted to introduce evidence in support of their value contentions at the hearing. The Prehearing General Call also includes deadlines by which each party shall notify the Tribunal and the opposing party if no valuation disclosure is required in their case. Pre-Valuation and Post-Valuation discovery deadlines are also included in the Prehearing General Call, as well as a deadline for filing Prehearing Statements. It is the Tribunal's intent to schedule each case for hearing shortly after the Prehearing Conference. Parties should be prepared to proceed accordingly. NOTICES OF PREHEARING GENERAL CALL AND ORDER OF PROCEDURE 

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June 1-15, 2010