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I want to request a Transcript or Hearing Recording of a Small Claims Hearing, what should I do?

A formal record of a Small Claims proceeding is not required, under MCL 205.762, and a “formal transcript shall not be taken for any . . . case . . . in the small claims division, unless otherwise provided by the Tribunal,” under TTR 265.

For a digital copy of a Tax Tribunal Small Claims hearing recording, please visit the LARA Website, go to Key Services, and click on "Submit a FOIA Request." Detailed steps are outlined in the Hearing Recording Fact Sheet.

If a Tax Tribunal case is appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals and a certified record is requested, the Tax Tribunal’s certified record will not include a transcript of the hearing recording since there is no formal record or formal transcript taken in the Small Claims division. The Michigan Court Rules specify that the appellant is responsible for obtaining and filing the transcript of the hearing recording. MCR 7.109(B). If you want to create a written transcript from the digital recording, you must obtain your own. The Michigan Tax Tribunal does not produce or pay for transcripts. All questions regarding the processing, pricing, and certification of the transcript should be directed to the certified transcription/court reporting firm that you choose to use.