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What is the Tribunal's procedure for a Small Claims matter?

After the Tribunal receives a completed petition form, the Tribunal sends a Notice of Docket to Petitioner and Respondent: the assessor of the local unit of government, or in the case of a non-property matter, to the Department of Treasury. This puts respondent on notice to complete and file an answer The respondent must also provide a copy of the completed answer form and attachments to the petitioner. The case is then ready to be scheduled for a hearing.

The Tribunal provides the parties notice of the scheduled hearing date and location approximately 45 days before the date of the hearing. Click sample Notice of Hearing for a sample notice. Any evidence that a party wishes to introduce at the hearing must be filed with the Tribunal and given to the other party at least 21 days before the date of the scheduled hearing or the evidence may not be allowed. At the hearing each side will be given approximately ten to fifteen minutes to present their case to the Hearing Officer. A written decision will be mailed to the parties within ninety days of the hearing date.