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Innovation Grants

  • Innovation grants are competitive funds managed by a Talent Consortium. The funds can be used for curriculum creation, project-based certification programs, equipment, full-time staff, industry mentors, professional development, competency-based pilot programs, cybersecurity incentives, career navigators and teacher shortage relief programs. 

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Innovative Educator Corps

  • The Innovative Educator Corps was created to support educators who have specialized skills and use those skills to deploy innovative instructional programs for the purposes of replication, expansion, and dissemination across this state.

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What we're doing

What We're Doing

  • The Marshall Plan for Talent is a revolutionary partnership between educators, employers and other stakeholders to transform Michigan’s talent pipeline and redesign the ways we invest, develop and attract talent in our state.

    Employers look for a talented workforce when they consider places to grow and locate, creating more and better jobs. Michigan is facing a talent shortage across multiple industries. That shortage is the single greatest threat to the state’s continued economic recovery.

    Our economy has completely transformed, and now it’s time to transform talent development within our education system.

Michigan Career Facts

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Michigan Career Pathways Alliance

  • The Michigan Career Pathways Alliance, which is made up of business leaders and educators, is a key partner in the Marshall Plan for Talent, ensuring students have access to multiple career paths during their K-12 experience. The alliance’s initiatives are part of the strong foundation the Marshall Plan for Talent was built on.

    The goal of the Marshall Plan is to bring all the initiatives, like the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance, together and build upon a robust foundation to create the premier talent development and education system in the world. The plan embraces the goals and initiatives of the 21st Century Education Commission, Career Pathways Alliance, MDE’s top 10 in 10 and other related talent and education efforts already happening in the state. 

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