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What we're doing

What We're Doing

  • The Marshall Plan for Talent is a revolutionary partnership between educators, employers and other stakeholders to transform Michigan’s talent pipeline and redesign the ways we invest, develop and attract talent in our state.

    Employers look for a talented workforce when they consider places to grow and locate, creating more and better jobs. Michigan is facing a talent shortage across multiple industries. That shortage is the single greatest threat to the state’s continued economic recovery.

    Our economy has completely transformed, and now it’s time to transform talent development within our education system.

Michigan Career Facts

    • There will be 811,055 high-demand career openings through 2024
    • $49,094,842,059 in potential earnings in 2024
    Existing Opportunities:
    • IT and Computer Science
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Other Professional Trades
    • Business and Other