Marshall Plan Programs


Create World-Class Curricula -  We will provide grants to schools that collaborate with businesses and other partners to create and develop classes and programs that do not exist, or fills in gaps in existing classes, for high-demand careers in Michigan. Funds will support the creation of open-sourced curriculum lessons, materials and professional development for teachers. Additionally, this initiative includes funding for the development of collaborative teaching of cross disciplinary classes such as Geometry In Construction. Partnerships like Shape Corp. and Grand Haven Schools exemplify how employers working directly with our schools can revolutionize talent development. Working together, they created a new course where students learn the algebra needed for the state’s graduation requirements while also gaining practical experience and earning an industry-recognized credential.

Certification Programs Based On Competencies - Once schools and employers develop new curricula, we will provide resources to those consortiums to implement those new classes and programs and to share their best-practices with other schools across Michigan. These Certification Programs will be project based and focused on students showing they are competent in the standards that lead to the credentials for high-demand jobs while preparing students for starting their career ladder and lifelong learning. Programs such as the Cisco Networking Academy – a partnership between Cisco and schools – provide skills training and certification exam preparation for in-demand IT careers. The courses and credits earned as part of the academy transfer to many colleges and universities in Michigan.

Professional Equipment Grants - Grants will be offered to schools that partner with employers that match funds and provide critical technical expertise in high-demand career fields, so students can learn on the same state-of-the-art equipment and technology businesses use.

Competency-Based Education - It’s time to end the antiquated model of education. We will support early-adopters to transform their schools to a competency-based education style so students learn the way they naturally learn, at their own pace. Using their own interests, in hands-on, engaging projects, learners will move forward as they demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Expand Cybersecurity Opportunities - We will offer incentives for increasing the number of students with skills and credentials to pursue careers in the emerging field of cybersecurity, including additional support for the nation’s only cybersecurity competition, the Governor’s High School Cyber Challenge, created by Gov. Rick Snyder.


Career Navigators - We will help students explore available career pathways and develop meaningful learning plans. We will provide resources for schools to hire career navigators who can work with and support school counselors who are helping students find career-based learning opportunities.
MI Bright Future and Career Cruising Expansion - This statewide expansion of MI Bright Future and Career Cruising will allow for every student in Michigan to use these integral career exploration tools to assist in planning their educational road map to rewarding careers.
Awareness and Outreach Campaign - Awareness and outreach campaign to promote career opportunities in the state of Michigan.


Talent for Tomorrow - We will create a program that provides scholarships and stipends toward the completion of certifications in high-demand fields for low income Michiganders. It will be an investment in Michiganders who might be left behind by the old way of doing things and who represent an untapped portion of the new economy’s labor force. Investing in these Michiganders can break the cycle of poverty by getting them the skills they need to succeed in high-salary, high-demand careers. We will even help overcome obstacles such as transportation or childcare by providing them with a stipend. And if Michiganders still aren’t able to succeed in a job with their newly acquired skills, our education partners will be encouraged to provide a talent guarantee and retrain them for free. Teacher Shortage Relief - We will help solve our teacher shortage by providing incentives for current teachers to gain additional certificates and move into critical shortage areas, such as high school physics and career technical education.


Michigan Innovative Teacher Corps - We will find and honor pioneering teachers and give them the means to replicate their programs across the state. Who better to improve our teaching practices than the great teachers that Michigan already has? These educators will no longer have to leave the classroom and go into administration to have an impact. They will engage with policymakers, mentor new teachers and provide professional development across Michigan.


Michigan Career Pathways Alliance - This alliance brings together educators, employers, labor leaders and other stakeholders for recommendations to help students gain awareness of all the pathways that lead to rewarding careers, and give teachers and counselors more resources through increased partnerships with businesses.

Top 10 in 10 - The Michigan Department of Education’s strategic plan is focused on ensuring all students have access to high-quality educational opportunities supporting all career choices.

MiSTEM Network - Supports educators to create a culture focused on the importance of science, technology, engineering and math, and in building robust STEM programs in schools across Michigan.

Career and Technical Education per-pupil payment - Incentive payments to high schools to support growing technical programs for students.

Going PRO - A statewide campaign that shatters stereotypes and promotes professional trades pathways to young people, their parents and educators.

Dual Enrollment - This growing program allows students to get a jump on careers by taking college classes at no cost to them while in high school, allowing them to earn postsecondary credit and/or certification.

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates - This innovative program with a 98 percent success rate helps lower high school dropout rates and connects students with career opportunities.

Going PRO Talent Fund (F.K.A. Skilled Trades Training Fund) - Nationally recognized, this program has assisted thousands of workers to be trained to retain jobs that require new skills or obtain new positions.

FIRST Robotics - Schools across the state have been able to expand and create FIRST Robotics teams, allowing students to use STEM skills to compete head-to-head with robots they have designed, built and programmed. Michigan also supports Square One Education Network and Skills USA - highly valuable programs that help develop our future STEM professionals.