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  • Talent Investment Agency LogoTIA is the agency that combines Michigan Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Development, and is responsible for their activities. Businesses need a talented workforce. Workers need the right skills to compete for available jobs. TIA programs are focused on job preparedness, career-based education, worker training, employment assistance and unemployment insurance.


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  • TIA’s Marcia Black-Watson Participates in Panel Discussion at NGA’s American Apprenticeship Initiative Grantee National Meeting

    Marcia Black-Watson, TIA Division Administrator for Workforce Development Industry Engagement, participated in a panel discussion, in late April, at the National Governor’s Association American Apprenticeship Initiative Grantee National Meeting, attended by approximately 250 apprenticeship partners and stakeholders in Alexandria, VA.

    Marcia Black-Watson (far right) Participates in Panel DiscussionThe discussion, entitled “Setting the Stage for Success: Cross-Systems Alignment,” featured speakers from workforce, education, and economic development systems as well as the private sector, who discussed how they have leveraged existing sector strategies and career pathways efforts to expand apprenticeships. The session focused on cross-systems alignment within a state and how it can benefit businesses, each program, and the participants regarding improving sustainability.

    In addition to Black-Watson, the panel consisted of the following members:

    • Carla Whitlock, Senior Apprenticeship Consultant, Apprenticeship Carolina
    • Jennifer Worth, Senior Vice President, Workforce and Economic Development, American Association of Community Colleges
    • Dane Linn, Vice President, Business Roundtable
    • Facilitator: Martin Simon, Acting Director, Economic Opportunity, NGA Center

    Black-Watson specifically had the opportunity to talk about the Talent Investment Agency supported apprenticeship expansion through the Michigan Industry Cluster Approach, in which employers within a single industry engage with the workforce system to identify their demand. With this approach, talent issues may be handled more efficiently through multi-company, industry-focused training programs. She also discussed the Michigan Apprenticeship Learning Network designed to increase the awareness of the benefits and effectiveness of Registered Apprenticeship (RA) within the workforce system and its committed partners and the role of Apprenticeship Success Coordinators to cultivate new registered apprenticeships in high-wage, in-demand industries and occupations.

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  • Speaker Request Form buttonThe Talent Investment Agency supports business growth and a diverse skilled workforce through strategic partnerships by ensuring that citizens are well-informed of the impact of our programs and services. To facilitate that mission, our Communications Office provides face-to-face interaction with organizations that want to learn more about the programs and services of this agency.

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