Information for Parents

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What should parents and caregivers know about adolescents and adolescent sexual activity?  This page provides pregnancy prevention and adolescent health resources for parents and caregivers raising adolescents.

arrow Communicating With Your Teen 

Helpful tips and advice for talking to your teen about abstinence, sexual activity, relationships and other important issues.

arrow Data & Research 

What we've been told about adolescent sexual activity from research and surveys of adults and teens.

arrow Adolescent Development 

Resources on the adolescent brain, why teens behave as they do and the building blocks of positive youth development.

arrow Free Workshop for Parents 

As part of the Governor's initiative to reduce unintended pregnancies, this free workshop is for parents to help them talk with their middle school child about abstinence and sexuality.

arrow Parent Friendly Websites 

These websites provide parents and caregiver with information and resources on raising adolescents. See the "resources/websites" tab for additional websites.

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