Healthcare provider Toolkit

stethescopeThis page provides a toolkit and resources for healthcare providers using the Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium's (MQIC) Guideline, "Prevention of Pregnancy in Adolescents 12-17 Years." Providers not using the guideline will also find valuable information and resources on adolescent sexual health.


arrow Framework for Counseling

Understanding adolescents is the first step in providing effective sexual health counseling and education. Setting up your environment to be youth friendly takes thoughtful preparation and sets the tone for your visit.



arrow How to Establish Trust

Open dialogue, body language and non-judgmental counseling are key to providing effective health counseling and education to adolescents.



arrow Options for Preventing Pregnancy

Adolescents need a "menu of options" when considering which safer sex behaviors may work for them and documentation of their plans and sexual history is important.



arrow Practical Tools and Resources

Many questions and issues arise when counseling adolescents on sexual health. These documents will help you prepare for some of the most common.



arrow Data and Research

Data and research are power when advocating for changes in policies, systems and protocols within your organization to enhance the services provided to adolescents.



arrow Websites

For more information on the topics above visit these websites. See the "resources/websites" tab for additional websites.


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