Deadline for Delinquent Property Tax Payments

Contact: Terry Stanton (517) 335-1356

February 21, 2001

The Michigan Department of Treasury is encouraging some 70,000 property owners to pay their delinquent taxes immediately. If payment is not received in county treasurers’ offices by February 28, 2001, substantial penalties and a higher interest cost will result.

"Michigan residents who owe back property taxes should act quickly to avoid paying more than they have to," said State Treasurer Mark A. Murray.

Under Michigan’s new tax reversion law, taxpayers attempting to make payment on or after March 1, 2001, will incur a $175.00 processing fee plus 0.5% per month in interest retroactive to March 1 of the previous year.

The updated process, signed into law by Governor John Engler in 1999, simplifies and expedites the tax reversion process, shortening it from nearly seven years down to just three. The new law also ensures that clear, marketable title to abandoned property can be obtained. These changes are expected to spur economic development and result in the rehabilitation of many abandoned parcels in communities throughout Michigan.

"Many property owners who are accustomed to the old tax reversion system may not be aware of the importance of paying their taxes by March 1," Murray said. "It is extremely important that they recognize the risk they take by not paying their taxes promptly under the new system."

For more information about tax reversion, visit the department's Web site at:, or contact your local county treasurer.