Fiscal Year 2017 Forms and Instructions

Forms for fiscal year 2017 located below:

Retirement System Annual Report - Form 5572:

·         Retirement System Annual Report Template

·         Retirement System Annual Report Instructions

Waiver Applications:

·         Waiver-Defined Benefit Pension Retirement Systems: Form 5583

·         Waiver-Retirement Health Benefit Systems: Form 5584

Corrective Action Plan Applications:

·         Corrective Action Plan-Retirement Health Care Systems: Form 5597

·         Corrective Action Plan-Defined Benefit Pension Retirement Systems: Form 5598

Corrective Action Plan Monitoring:

·         Corrective Action Plan Monitoring Certification of Compliance: Form 5720

·         Corrective Action Plan Sustainability Calculation Worksheet | Instructions

Local Government Reporting Data:

·         Local Retirement System Underfunded Status Report