Treasurer Nick A. Khouri

Treasurer Nick Khouri Photo

​​​​Nick A. Khouri was appointed as Michigan's 46th State Treasurer by Governor Rick Snyder in April of 2015.

The Department of Treasury is responsible for maintaining the State of Michigan's overall financial health -- a $56 billion a year enterprise. Treasury advises the Governor on all tax and revenue policy, forecasts the State economy and revenues, administers and collects more than $24 billion in taxes, and manages the State's relationship with Wall Street and the rating agencies. Treasury is also responsible for the fiscal health of Michigan's local governments and schools. In addition, Treasury invests more than $70 billion of the State and school employee's retirement funds.  

Prior to his appointment, Nick retired from DTE Energy, a Fortune 300 diversified energy company headquartered in Detroit, where he served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs. 

He also served as Vice President and Treasurer at DTE and was Vice President of Public Sector Consultants, where he focused on economic development, public infrastructure, and state and local tax policy. 

In the 1990s, Nick was Michigan's Chief Deputy State Treasurer after having served as Chief Economist with the Senate Fiscal Agency, and as an analyst with the Congressional Budget Office.

Nick earned a bachelor's and master's degree in economics from the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.