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1994-18 Accounting for Bond Refund MDOT Bonds

December 27, 1994

TO:  County Road Commissions, City and Village Clerks
        Recipients of Interest Rebate From Refinancing of 1983 and 1984 State Trunkline Bonds

FROM:  Richard L. Baldermann, CPA
              Administrator, Local Audit and Finance Division

SUBJECT:  Classification and Reporting of Interest Refund

You recently received a check representing total interest saved from the refinancing of certain Series 1983 and Series 1984 State Trunkline Bonds. The interest refund should be recognized as an "Other Financing Source--Interest Savings on State Refunded Debt." Credit the applicable Major, Primary or Local Fund where the debt service payments are being charged. The following entry should be recorded to properly recognize the receipt of the State check:

Account Number Account Title   Debit Credit 001 Cash   $XXXX   695   Other Financing Source (appropriate fund)   $XXXX

If the interest refund is an immaterial amount, (less than 5% of the current year's interest expense in the applicable fund) you have the option of recording the refund as a credit to the interest expense account in the applicable fund. Financial Statement Note disclosure is not necessary for immaterial amounts credited to the interest expense account.

Your financial statements should contain a note disclosure describing the State refinancing and the effect the refinancing has in the local unit's financial statements. The following is a sample note disclosure.

During 1994, the Michigan Transportation Commission refinanced certain Series 1983 and Series 1984 State Transportation Bonds. The proceeds of the original bonds were used to provide funds to local units for road and street projects pursuant to loan agreements between the State and the local unit. Sample County Road Commission borrowed $100,000 from the State under that program as described in Note X--Long-Term Debt. While the State Transportation Commission refinanced its bonds, the agreements between the State and the Sample County Road Commission remain unchanged and the repayment schedule remains the same. On October 18, 1994, the Road Commission received $8,000 representing the interest savings over the remaining life of the outstanding balance of the loan agreement. This amount was recognized as an "Other Financing Source--Interest Savings on State Refunded Debt." Interest payments and expense will continue in accordance with the loan agreement.

Please contact our office at (517) 373-3227,  if you have any questions.