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Legal Options and Rights

Legal Options and Rights

  • Legal Options and Rights

    Learning about your rights and legal options can help you make decisions about reporting the assault, seeking a protection order, or accessing accommodations at your school or place of employment. Michigan law gives victims's rights, access to information and other resources. You can choose whether you talk to the police or seek other protections. Some victims say that participating in the criminal process helped them regain a sense of safety and control. 

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Reporting to Police

  • Reporting to Police

    While there is no obligation to do so, you can always choose to talk to the police about a sexual assault or child sexual abuse. The sooner an assault is reported, the better.

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Reporting to Child Protective Services

Other Options for Students, Title IX

  • Other Options for Students, Title IX

    If you are a student and were assaulted at school or at a school event, or if you were assaulted by another student, school faculty or staff, the school may be able to help.

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Options for Military Personnel and Veterans

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Personal Protection Orders

  • Personal Protection Orders

    A PPO is a court order to protect a person from someone who has sezually assaulted you, or someone who has made you afraid of being assaulted.

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Victim Rights in Michigan

  • Victim Rights in Michigan

    The Michigan Constitution and certain Michigan laws guarantee victims the right to be treated fairly, have access certain information, and be offered a medical forensic examination.

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Victim Rights to Evidence Kit Testing Information

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Victim Notification and Sex Offender Registry

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Victim Compensation

  • Victim Compensation

    If you are injured because of a sexual assault, you may eligible for additional assistance through the Michigan Crime Victim Services Commission Compensation program.

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