Workforce Development

  • TIA-WD

    The Talent Investment Agency -Workforce Development (TIA-WD) vision is to promote a flexible, innovative, and effective workforce system within the State of Michigan. To accomplish this, the TIA-WD supports a demand driven workforce system, assists the structurally unemployed with financial independence, advocates for the integration of workforce development into the K-12 school system, and supports the alignment of workforce development with economic development efforts.

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What's New

  • Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF)

    Established in 2013 by Governor Snyder and the Legislature, the Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) helps employers meet their talent needs. Four years later, the STTF is on track to train over 50,000 workers with more than 1,400 employers taking advantage of the program.

    “Michigan families continue to benefit from a growing economy and a declining unemployment rate,” Snyder said. “Despite these positive trends, there are still too many skilled trades jobs that employers are struggling to fill. The Skilled Trades Training Fund is an excellent resource that helps employers provide the training that enhances their talent base. The result is more and better jobs for Michigan workers.”

  • Michigan Labor Market Information Fast Facts

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