GED®-To-School Program

The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) is pleased to announce the Michigan GED®-To-School Program.  The purpose of the program is to inspire and encourage Michigan residents who are pursuing the GED®, to transition to Michigan community colleges or universities for academic and career focused coursework and programs. Based on available funding, the GED®-To-School Program covers the cost of one attempt on the four different GED® test content areas for Michigan residents who meet eligibility requirements established by the WDA GED® office.  Approximately $475,000 in funding will be available after May 16, 2016 to directly cover content area testing fees. Use of GED®-To-School vouchers is dependent on the availability of funding provided by Michigan's 2015 P.A. 143.

GED®-To-School Program Participant Requirements

Test Taker Minimal Requirements:

  1. The individual has not previously taken a GED® content area test free of charge under the GED®-To-School Program.
  2. The Individual must meet at least one of the following requirements:
    • Prior to taking the GED® content area test, the individual successfully completed a WDA approved GED® preparation program and receives "likely to pass" on the appropriate GED® Ready test.
    • Prior to taking a GED® content area test, the individual completes the appropriate GED® Ready practice tests with a score of “likely to pass”.

WDA GED® Preparation Program Requirements

One of the eligibility requirements will be successful completion of a WDA approved GED® preparation program.  This announcement specifically provides the minimal program requirements for WDA approved GED® preparation programs.

A WDA-approved GED® preparation course shall include all of the following:

  • The GED® preparation program must be currently funded by state and/or federal adult education funds administered by WDA.
  • Instructional and tutorial assistance.
  • Official content area GED® practice tests.
  • Required attendance at program instructional sessions.
  • A curriculum that prepares students for opportunities in postsecondary education and the job market.
  • Information on potential postsecondary and career pathways.
  • Counseling on preparing for and applying to college.
  • Personal and job readiness skills development.
  • Comprehensive information on college costs and financial aid.
  • College and career assessments.
  • Computer-based instruction, practice, or remediation.

WDA GED® Preparation Program Approval

WDA program staff will follow-up with local programs to verify course content is appropriate and give approval.   WDA administered adult education programs may also contact WDA by e-mail at

Questions about the GED®-To-School Program:
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