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  • Registered Apprenticeship

    Apprentices learning on-the-job training by trade professionalMichigan’s economy continues to recover from the devastating job losses of the last recession. However, the state’s labor exchange system is continually challenged to find talent with new and emerging skill sets.  As more employers across a wide spectrum of industries and in multiple regions throughout the state, become familiar with the apprenticeship training model, its direct value and available incentives, there is a growing demand in Michigan for new apprentices.  There is a need for adults who can move quickly into journeyman status, with or without experiential and academic qualifications, as well as for a pipeline of youth to fill future jobs that will become vacant due to a retiring workforce, or new jobs that emerge through ever advancing technology.  Those opportunities exist, not only in the traditional skilled trades, but also in energy, health care, information technology and advanced manufacturing. 


    Michigan Industry Cluster Approach Office
    Lansing, MI 48913
    Phone: 517-335-6461, E-Mail:

    Office of Apprenticeship
    U.S. Department of Labor
    Phone: 517-377-1747,  E-Mail:

    What is Registered Apprenticeship?

    Apprenticeship combines classroom studies with extensive on-the-job training under the supervision of journey level craftperson or trade professional.

    Components of Registered Apprenticeship Training:

    1. Business Involvement
    2. Structured On-the-Job Training
    3. Related Training and Instruction
    4. Rewards for Skill Gains
    5. National Occupational Credential

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Becoming an Employer Sponsor

  • Becoming an Employer Sponsor

    Benefits to Employers

    Employer Training ApprenticeYour company must be ready to compete in the global economy. By training apprentices you will create an employee pool that will contribute to your bottom line and meet your future workforce needs. Apprenticeship training is a key investment in your company’s future. Key benefits include:

    • Helps recruit and develop a highly skilled workforce
    • Improves productivity and the bottom line
    • Reduces turnover costs and increases employee retention
    • Creates industry-driven and flexible training solutions to meet national and local needs

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    Getting Started

    US DOL Quick-Start Toolkit
    Building Registered Apprenticeship Programs

    Contact the U.S. Department of Labor - Office of Apprenticeship for Michigan.
    This office will make an on-site visit and work with you to determine appropriate job titles and the training schedule. The U.S. DOL Office of Apprenticeship for Michigan is:

    Office of Apprenticeship
    U.S. Department of Labor
    Phone: 517-377-1747

Becoming an Apprentice

  • Becoming an Apprentice

    Engineer Training ApprenticeBenefits to Apprentices

    • A paycheck from day one
    • Hands on career training
    • An education and the potential to earn college credit
    • A career once you complete your apprenticeship
    • National industry certification

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    Visit or call the nearest local area Michigan Works! Agency to identify apprenticeship opportunities in the trade or industry of interest to you.  Or contact an employer or union engaged in the trade or industry you want to enter.

    Apprenticeable Occupations
    Apprenticeships can be found in all industries, from traditional sectors like Construction and Manufacturing to emerging sectors like Energy, Health Care, and Information Technology. This is a list of all available occupations in Registered Apprenticeship.

    Apprenticeship Opportunities


  • Apprenticeship Resources

    MI-AIM (Apprenticeships, Internships, Mentoring):  The Path to Work-Based Learning Career Opportunities in Michigan

    PartnershipThe Workforce Development Agency (WDA) launched MI-AIM in October 2014.  MI-AIM in collaboration with more than 70 partners including representatives from industry, the workforce system, community colleges, universities, secondary education, business associations, unions, etc. provides a comprehensive outreach and communications strategy, resources, and technical assistance with the aim of creating more registered apprenticeships and promoting other types of work-based learning.

    MI-AIM efforts to date are three-fold:

    Promotion and Outreach
    Efforts are focused on messaging work-based learning models, delivery and opportunities K – 12 students, parents, and educators. A Skilled Trades website and series of videos are now available highlighting skilled trades facts, training, and career opportunities.

    Funding and Resources
    Efforts are focused on the identification and communication of funding and resources available to support registered apprenticeships. A guide, modeled after the The Federal Resources Playbook for Registered Apprenticeship, is now available outlining federal, state, and private funding sources that can be used for apprenticeships.

    Michigan Registered Apprenticeships Funding and Resources Guide

    American Apprenticeship Initiative Grant
    The MI-AIM Apprenticeship Grant Advisory Workgroup was formed to advise and assist the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) with formulating the strategy for the American Apprenticeship Initiative Grant application.  Based on direct partner input from this workgroup, key local workforce system collaborators, extensive data collection and analysis, and conservative forecasting, WDA determined Michigan needs an effective Registered Apprenticeship (RA) network. The network will assist the state’s employers and potential RA sponsors to effectively explore, partner, build, register, launch, and operate new apprenticeships while ensuring their successful completion and required reporting


    Michigan Industry Approach Office
    Talent Investment
    Phone: 517-335-6461

    View Programs and Advocacy Resources
    Michigan has deployed a number of approaches to promote and support the apprenticeship training model.

    Michigan Apprenticeship Resource Directory
    Directory of contacts for Michigan Works! and related training providers.