James Fults

Talent Development Liaison

James Fults

Phone:  517-282-6457
Email:  fultsj@michigan.gov

Industry Sector:  Professional Trades / Mobility
Regions 2 & 3

James Fults is a Talent Development Liaison for the State of Michigan’s Talent Investment Agency. In this role, he is responsible for engaging employers and educators to comprehensively address talent needs to focus on mid- and long-term development skill gaps in key industries in each region statewide.

Michigan Map of RegionsPrior to joining TIA, Fults worked for the Michigan Department of Corrections for three years as an Employment Counselor for the Vocational Village. He is also an active duty Army Medic and continues to serve in the Michigan Army National Guard. He is the recipient of the Beverly A. Drake Essential Service Award from West Michigan Works! as well as the Professional Excellence Award from the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Fults, a graduate of Central Michigan University, currently serves as a board member of Invest-Vets.