Mischa Gaffney

Talent Development Liaison

Mischa Gaffney

Phone:  517-420-6818
Email:  gaffneym@michigan.gov

Industry Sector:  Energy
Region 10, excluding Oakland County

Michigan Map of RegionsMischa Gaffney is a Talent Development Liaison for the State of Michigan’s Talent Investment Agency. In this role, she is responsible for engaging employers and educators to comprehensively address talent needs to focus on mid- and long-term development skill gaps in key industries in each region statewide. She serves as TIA’s point of contact in the Business and Other Hospitality sectors and is the representative for Region 10.

Gaffney has worked for the State of Michigan for 20 years with the Department of Health and Human Services, where she  assisted many of Michigan’s residents with eligibility for medical and financial benefits, as a Family Independence Specialist for 11 years and a Family Independence Manager for 9 years.

Gaffney received her Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Wayne State University and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Marygrove College.