Judicial Tenure Commission

The Judicial Tenure Commission serves to promote the integrity of the judicial process and preserve public confidence in the courts. Michigan created the Commission when voters passed an amendment to Article 6, § 30 of the Michigan Constitution in August, 1968. The enabling court rule is now codified in MCR 9.200.
The Commission strives to hold state judges, magistrates, and referees accountable for their misconduct without jeopardizing or compromising the essential independence of the judiciary. The basis for Commission action is a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct or Rules of Professional Conduct, which are published with the Michigan Rules of Court.
Contact Information
Phone: (313) 875-5110
Fax: (313) 875-5154
Email: judicialtenure@courts.mi.gov 

Written correspondence (including completed Request for Investigation forms):
Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission
3034 West Grand Blvd.
Suite 8-450
Detroit, MI 48202

Hon. Monte Burmeister
Elected by Probate Judges
Term expires 12/31/17
Nancy J. Diehl, Esq.
Elected by state bar membership
Term expires 12/31/17
Hon. Nanci J. Grant
Elected by Circuit Court Judges
Term expires 12/31/18
Hon. Karen Fort Hood
Elected by Court of Appeals Judges
Term expires 12/31/21
Hon. Lawrence S. Talon
Elected by the State Bar of Michigan
Term expires 12/31/18
Siham Awada Jaafar, Dearborn Heights
Appointed by the Governor
Term expires 12/31/22
Hon. Pablo Cortes - Vice Chair
Elected by District and Municipal Judges
Term expires 12/31/19 
Thomas J. Ryan, Esq. 
Elected by the state bar membership
Term expires 12/31/19
Ari Adler, Okemos
Appointed by the Governor
Term expires 12/31/20