Michigan Apple Committee

The Michigan Apple Committee (MAC) is a quasi-governmental organization dedicated to improving the profitability of Michigan's fresh and processed apple industries. MAC coordinates market development, educational activities and research that benefits the 1000 family apple growers in Michigan through improved profitability, ensuring the continued success of this sector of Michigan agriculture.

The Michigan Apple Committee consists of an odd number of members, not to be less than five or exceed 13. Members serve three-year terms. The appointments of this committee are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.


MCL 290.657, Act 232 of 1965


Contact Information

Diane Smith
Executive Director
Michigan Apple Committee
Phone: (800) 456-2753
Fax: (517) 669-9506
Email: diane@michiganapples.com 



Damon Glei, Hillsdale
District 2 growers
Term ends 4/1/20

Robert Gregory, Leland
District 5 growers
Term ends 4/1/21
Mark Youngquist, Kent City
District 3 growers
Term ends 4/1/21
Kimberly Kropf, Lowell
District 3 growers
Term ends 4/1/22
Caleb Coulter, New Era
District 4 growers
Term ends 4/1/22

Michael Dietrich, Conklin
District 3 growers
Term ends 4/1/23
Jeremy Shank, Dowagiac
District 1 growers
Term ends 4/1/23