State Board of Ethics

The State Ethics Board (Board) is a seven-member body comprised of residents of this state who are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. One of the members is designated to serve as chairman. No more than four members of the Board may belong to the same political party. No member may be associated with public employment. All members are appointed for four-year terms at staggered intervals. The Attorney General and the State Personnel Director serve as ex-officio members without the right to vote. The function of the Board is advisory and investigatory; the Board is not empowered to take direct action against any person or agency.


The Board has jurisdiction to determine the ethical conduct of classified or unclassified state employees, and public officers of the executive branch of Michigan state government who are appointed by the Governor or another executive department official.


The Board does not have jurisdiction over the following:

  • Employees in the legislative branch of state government
  • Employees in the judicial branch (including judges) of state government
  • Employees and elected officials in other public jurisdictions (cities, counties, townships, villages, and other municipalities)
  • Attorneys in the private sector
  • Healthcare professionals in the private sector

Board of Ethics homepage and meeting information



Public Act 196 of 1973, MCLA 15.343


Contact Information

John Gnodtke
Executive Secretary
State Board of Ethics

Phone: (517) 284-0125

Fax: (517) 248-9952



Leslee Fritz (D), Albion

Term ends 2/7/23


Catherine McClure (D), Chelsea- Chair
Term ends 2/7/23


The Honorable Lawrence M. Glazer (D), Okemos

Term ends 2/7/20


Patrick Barrett (D), Birmingham

Term ends 2/7/20


Albert Taylor Nelson, Jr. (I), Troy

Term ends 2/7/20


The Honorable Richard A. Bandstra (R), Grand Rapids

Term ends 2/7/21


Thomas C. Phillips (I), Okemos

Term ends 2/7/21


Ex-Officio Members


Jan Winters
State Personnel Director


Dana Nessel

Attorney General