Utility Consumer Participation Board

The Utility Consumer Participation Board was created by Act 304, P.A. of 1982, (Section 460.6l of the Michigan Compiled Laws). The five-member Board provides grants to qualified applicants that represent the interests of Michigan's residential energy (gas, electric, and other fuel) utility customers at residential energy proceedings before the Michigan Public Service Commission. Funding is generated through annual assessments of certain regulated utility companies

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Public Act 3 of 1939, MCLA 460.6(1)


Contact Informatin


Susan Weber
SEMA to LeAnn Droste
(517) 335-5968





Elise Matz, Marquette
Term expires 1/12/21
Qualified person submitted by the Attorney General


James MacInnes, Beulah

Term expires 1/12/21


Paul Isely, Grand Rapids

Term expires 1/12/21


Samuel Passmore, Ann Arbor

Term expires 1/12/21


Bali Kumar, Detroit
Term expires 1/12/21