Michigan Community Corrections Board

The Michigan Community Corrections Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Director for the Michigan Department of Corrections and is charged with approving many components of community corrections programs including: goals, eligibility criteria, program guidelines, program standards and policies, the application process, procedures for funding, and criteria for evaluation.
The Board consists of 13 members, each representing a certain entity related to corrections. Board members serve 4 year terms.The appointments of this board are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.



Contact Information:

Crissa Blankenburg, CBSP
Office of Community Corrections, A/Manager
206 E. Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI 48910
Phone: (517) 483-6121
Fax: (517) 373-9545
Email: BlankenburgC@michigan.gov
Current Members:

Heidi Washington
Director of Department of Corrections

The Honorable Bradley Knoll, Holland
Represents District Court Judges
Term expires 3/31/21
The Honorable Martha Anderson, Troy
Represents Circuit Court Judges

Term expires 3/31/21
Deborah Smith-Olson, Baldwin
Represents the General Public

Term expires 3/31/21
Jennifer C. Janetsky, Flushing
Represents County Prosecuting Attorneys

Term expires 3/31/21
Bobby Hopewell, Kalamazoo
Represents Members of City Government

Term expires 3/31/21

Anna R. Kohn, Detroit - Chairperson
Represents the General Public

Term expires 3/31/2023
L. Paul Bailey, Berrien Center
Represents County Sheriffs

Term expires 3/31/2023
Jake W. Smith, Battle Creek
Represents County Commissioners

Term expires 3/31/2023

Marilena David-Martin, Detroit
Represents Criminal Defense Attorneys
Term expires 3/31/24

Marlene Davis, Ph.D., Southfield

Represents the General Public
Term expires 3/31/24

William DeBoer, Byron Center
Represents Existing Community Alternatives Program
Term expires 3/31/24

Natalie Thompson, South Haven
Represents City Police Departments
Term expires 3/31/24