Correctional Officers' Training Council

The Michigan Correctional Officers' Training Council does the following:

-Develops, approves, and updates course content of the vocational certificate program for applicants to meet the educational requirements to be employed as a state corrections officer;
-Develops, approves, and updates minimum requirements with regards to recruitment and selection for new state corrections officers;
-Develops, approves, and updates standards for the certification, recertification, and decertification of state corrections officers;
-Reviews and approves course content or course topics for the initial and ongoing training of state corrections officers
The Training Council consists of 8 members, each representing a particular interest, who serve 3 year terms.



Contact Information

Gary Manns
Executive Secretary
Phone: (517) 373-2081
Fax: (517) 335-7939


Current Members:

William Henderson, Freeland
Term expires 3/29/20
State Corrections Officer

Matthew Fedorchuk, Okemos
Term expires 3/29/20
Represent the State Personnel Director

Sherman Campbell, Jackson
Term expires 3/29/20
Department of Corrections

Tamara McDiarmid, Ionia
Term expires 3/29/21
Academic Community/ Community College
Francine Wresinski, Holt
Term expires 3/29/21
Department of Technology, Management, and Budget

Reverend Robert Davis, Saginaw
Term expires 3/29/21
General Public

Christopher Mills, Grand Rapids
Term expires 3/29/21
General Public

Juliette Roddy, Berkley
Term expires 3/29/22
Academic Community