Workers' Compensation Appellate Commission

The Workers' Compensation Appellate Commission (Commission) services Michigan's employees and employers by addressing and resolving their worker's compensation appeals expeditiously, impartially and in a judicious manner. The Commission receives its caseload when decisions issued by the Bureau of Worker's Disability Compensation and Board of Magistrates are disputed and appealed. Act 103 of the Public Acts of 1985 (Act) created the Commission as an independent body with the power and authority to review decisions written and issued by the Bureau director, hearing referees and magistrates. The Commission endeavors to minimize the undue suffering of injured employees and lower costs to employers by serving as a buffer to the state Court of Appeals and by providing expeditious judicial review of case records.

The Commission is staffed with five attorneys, who are appointed by the governor to serve a 4-year term (3-term limit). The governor designates one commissioner as chairperson with general supervisory control over staff and the assignment and scheduling of workloads. By law, commissioners are required to review the relevant record of a case, and are expected to publish scholarly and concise opinions that reflect relevant statutory case law. To realize this, the Commission strives to promptly review cases and write dispute-resolving opinions that comply with the requirements set forth in MCL 418.861(a) and with performance standards set forth in the Commission's Standards and Procedures. For administrative efficiency, the Commission is staffed with a receptionist, executive secretary and four legal secretaries.


Executive Order 2003-18 

Contact Information

Workers' Compensation Appellate Commission
General Office Building
7150 Harris Drive
Dimondale, MI  48821

Mailing address:
Workers' Compensation Appellate Commission
P.O. Box 30468
Lansing, MI  48909-7968

Main Telephone Number: (517) 636-4692
Main Facsimile Number: (517) 636-4699


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James P. Harvey, Grosse Pointe Park

Term expires 9/30/11


Gregory A. Przybylo, Okemos

Term expires 9/30/13


Murray Ashley Gorchow, West Bloomfield - Chair

Term expires 9/30/13


Granner S. Ries, Clinton Township

Term expires 9/30/14


George Harold Wyatt, East Lansing

Term expires 9/30/14


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