Great Lakes Protection Fund Board of Directors

The Great Lakes Protection Fund is a private, nonprofit corporation formed in 1989 by the Governors of the Great Lakes States. It is a permanent environmental endowment that supports collaborative actions to improve the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem. The Fund's Board of Directors is comprised of two governor appointed representatives from each member state. The Board of Directors meets quarterly and governs the Fund's operation. Members of the Fund staff perform the day-to-day functions.
To date, the Fund had made 252 grants and program related investments representing more than $68.6 million in regional projects to improve the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem.
The Fund seeks projects that lead to tangible improvements in the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem, promote the interdependence of healthy ecological and economic systems, and are innovative, creative, and venturesome.

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Contact Information
Russell Van Herik
Executive Director
Great Lakes Protection Fund
Phone: (847) 425-8150
Fax: (847) 424-9832
Michigan's Representatives
Patti Glaza, Royal Oak
Term expires 10/11/20
Mark Meijer, Grand Rapids
Term expires 10/11/20