Advisory Board for the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center for Homeland Security

The State of Michigan's Intelligence Operations Center shall collect, evaluate, collate, and analyze information and intelligence and then, as appropriate, disseminate this information and intelligence to the proper public safety agencies so that any threat of terrorism or criminal activity will be successfully identified and addressed.
Contact Information
D/F/Lt. Brian Budde
State Police Headquarters
7150 Harris Drive 
Dimondale, Michigan  48821 
Phone: (877) 616-4677

Shelli Blyth Weisberg, Birmingham
Residents of the state
Term ends 4/11/17
Tom Reich, Eaton Rapids
Local sheriffs' departments in Michigan or Michigan Sheriff's Association
Term ends 4/11/19
Michael Arthur Bruggeman, Troy
Residents of the state
Term ends 4/11/19
Chiefs of police
Term ends 4/11/20
Richard A. Fenton, Ann Arbor
Residents of state
Term ends 4/11/20
Mark Reene, Vassar
Office of a county prosecuting attorney or the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan
Term ends 4/11/21
Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue
Director of the Department of State Police
Brigadier General Michael Stone
Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs
Daniel Levy
Chief Legal Officer, MI Dept. of Civil Rights
Edward Mize
Administrator, Facilities & Operations, Dept. of Corrections