State 9-1-1 Committee

The State 9-1-1 Committee was established in accordance with P. A. 79 of 1999, as amended. It's 21 member organizations work together to promote the successful development, implementation, and operation of 9-1-1 systems across the state of Michigan. In accordance with P.A. 244 of 2003, the Michigan State Police provides staff assistance to the committee as necessary to carry out the committee's duties

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Public Act 32 of 1986, MCL 484.1713


Contact Information
Joni Harvey
State 911 Administrator
Michigan State Police Headquarters 
7150 Harris Drive 
Dimondale, Michigan 48821

Current Members:
Steven Berenbaum, Birmingham
Represents commercial mobile radio service, term expires 12/31/21
Scott R. Temple, Highland
Represents the general public with expertise in the field, term expires 12/31/21