Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System Board

The Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement System Board is responsible for general oversight of retirement, survivor, and disability benefits to employees in public school districts, intermediate school districts, community colleges and certain universities.
Contact Information

Kerrie Vanden Bosch
Office of Retirement Services
Phone: (517) 284-4564
Fax: (517) 322-6145

Timothy Raymer, Grand Rapids
Represents members who retired from a finance or operations management position and a member of the largest organization of retirees
Term ends 3/30/19
Represents Classroom teachers and an employee of a school district of the first class
Term ends 3/30/20
Steven Epstein, West Bloomfield
Represents the general public with experience in investments
Term ends 3/30/20
Ann Gabrielle Kroneman, Okemos
Represents community college administrators or trustees
Term ends 3/30/20
Laura Colligan, Holt
Elected member of a reporting unit's board of control
Term ends 3/30/20
Kevin Phillips, East Grand Rapids
Represents School finance or operations manager who is not a superintendent
Term ends 3/30/20
Mike Engle, Hastings
Represents classroom teacher or other certified school personnel
Term ends 3/30/21
Jeffrey Mills, Allegan
Term ends 3/30/21
Liz Eastway, Cadillac
Represents active or retired noncertified educational support positions
Term ends 3/30/21

Dan Christner, Brighton
Represents retired teachers 
Term ends 3/30/22

Alan Sonnanstine, Canton
Represents the general public
Term ends 3/30/22