Food Security Council

The Food Policy Council will identify and analyze the nature, scope, and causes of food insecurity in Michigan. The Council will identify and assess evidence-based policies to decrease food insecurity both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, analyze the return on investment to policies that decrease food insecurity, and review and make recommendations regarding how resources and efforts can be best coordinated, implemented, and effectively supplemented. The Council must prepare and submit a report within 90 days of appointment related to the impacts of COVID-19 on food security and a final report to the Governor within 18 months. The Council will dissolve 90 days after the issuance of the final report.


Statute:  Executive Order 2020-167


Contact Person:

Joshua Rivera

ESA Policy Director


Stacy Houghtaling

Administrative Assistant


Current Members:

Phillip Knight, Fenton - Chair


Delicia Pruitt, Bay City


Kim Edsenga, Grand Rapids


Ken Nobus, St. Johns


Javier "Alex" Canepa, Ann Arbor


Wade Syers, Muskegon


Patrice Brown, Detroit


Dawn Medley, Bay City


Tammy Rosa, Gladstone


Todd Regis, Flat Rock


Michelle Schulte, Suttons Bay


Amy Baker, Pentwater


Juan Escareno, Detroit


Pam Yager, Okemos


Laurie Solotorow, Birmingham


Diana Marin, Ann Arbor


Lew Rubal, Designee of the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services


Diane Golzynski, Designee of the Superintendent of Public Insstruction of the Michigan Department of Education


Kim Trent, Designee of the Director of the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity


Jamie Zmitko-Somer, Designee of the Director of the Department if Agriculture and Rural Development


Non-Voting Members, each nominated from members of the legislature:

Senator Kevin Daley, nominee of the Senate Majority Leader

Representative Pauline Wendzel, nominee of the Speaker of the House

Senator Winnie Brinks, nominee of the Senate Minority Leader

Representative Angela Witwer, nominee of the House Minority Leader