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Michigan Beef Industry Commission

The Michigan Beef Industry Commission (MBIC) was created under Act 291 in 1972. The purpose of the Commission is to promote the sale of beef and beef products.
The Commission is governed by nine beef industry representatives appointed by the Governor. They include: two members engaged in the raising, breeding, or growing of cattle or calves for beef production; three members engaged in the feeding of cattle for beef production; one member engaged as a dairyman in the production of fluid milk; one member who is an executive of a meat packing company which purchases cattle and processes beef; one member engaged in the operation of a public livestock marketing firm; and one member engaged in retail sales of beef. Additionally, one ex-officio member shall be selected by the director (MDARD) and one by the chairperson of the animal science department of Michigan State University.
The appointments to this commission are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.



Contact Information

George Quackenbush
Executive Vice President
Michigan Cattlemen's Association
Phone: (517) 347-8117
Fax: (517) 347-0919


Jill Sears, Horton
Cattle feeders
Term ends 5/31/22
Travis Schunk, Clare
Meat packing executives
Term ends 5/31/22
David Neitzel, Kentwood
Beef retailers
Term ends 5/31/22
Bret Schapman, Almont
Cattle feeders
Term ends 5/31/23
Monte Bordner, Sturgis
Cattle breeders
Term ends 5/31/23
Dave Clark, Clifford
Cattle marketers
Term ends 5/31/23
Jennifer Lewis, Jonesville
Dairy farmers
Term ends 5/31/24

Leon Knirk, Quincy
Cattle feeders
Term ends 5/31/24

Jon Haindl, Cooks
Cattle growers
Term ends 5/31/24