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Michigan Carrot Commission

The Michigan Carrot Commission seeks to promote the production and consumption of carrots grown in Michigan as well as to assist in the agricultural research and development of carrot farming.
Contact Information
Jamie Clover Adams
Executive Director
Betty Elder
Executive Assistant

P.O. Box 550
12800 Escanaba Drive, Suite A
DeWitt, Michigan 48820
Phone: (517) 669-4250
Fax: (517) 669-4251
Ralph Oomen, Hart
Process growers
Term expires 10/31/20
Glenn Vogel, Fremont
Fresh growers
Term expires 10/31/20
William Schwass, Scottville
Processed growers
Term expires 10/31/21
Jared Oomen, Hart
Process growers
Term expires 10/31/22
Ryan Malburg, Hart
Fresh growers
Term expires 10/31/22
Ex Officio Member (nonvoting)
Director of the Department of Agriculture