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Michigan Soybean Committee

The duties and responsibilities of the committee shall be prescribed in the order establishing the marketing program and to the extent applicable shall include the following duties and responsibilities:

(a) Developing procedures relating to the marketing program.

(b) Recommending amendments to the marketing program as are considered advisable.

(c) Preparing the estimated budget required for the proper operation of the marketing program.

(d) Developing methods for collecting and auditing the assessments.

(e) Collecting and assembling information and data necessary for proper administration of the marketing program.

(f) Performing other duties necessary for the operation of the marketing program as agreed upon with the director.

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MCL 290.657, Act 232 of 1965

Contact Information

Janna Fritz
Executive Director
3055 W. M-21

St. Johns, MI 48879


Steven Koeman, Hamilton

District 7 growers

Term expires 9/23/22


Mark Senk, Owosso

District 6 growers

Term expires 9/23/22


Laurie Isley, Palmyra

District 3 growers

Term expires 9/23/23


Dan Rajzer, Decatur

District 1 growers

Term expires 9/23/23


Peter Crawford, Dansville

District 2 growers

Term expires 9/23/24

John Burk, Bay City

District 5 growers

Term expires 9/23/24


Scott Wilson, Lexington

District 4 growers

Term expires 9/23/24