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Barrier Free Design Board

The Barrier Free Design Board was created by Act 190 of 1974, amending Act 1 of 1966. The board has the responsibility to receive, review, and process requests for exceptions to the barrier free design specifications; require appropriate equivalent alternatives when exceptions are granted; receive, process, and make recommendations for barrier free design rules.
The board consists of nine members: four physically limited members, one from the construction industry, one building inspector from a local unit of government, one registered architect, one professional engineer, and one public member.
Members of the board will serve 3-year terms, subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.


Contact Information

LARA BCC Boards & Commissions
PO Box 30254
Lansing, MI  48909
517/241-9570 (facsimile)


Jeffrey Eischen, Clarkston
Hearing impaired
Term expires 10/31/20
Chris MacKay, Farmington Hills
Physically limited and may be a wheelchair user
Term expires 10/31/21
Jamie Spore, Ludington
Wheelchair user
Term expires 10/31/21
Mark Loch, Farmington Hills
Term expires 10/31/21
Frank Bayer, Clinton Township
Building Inspectors
Term expires 10/31/22
Jamal Al, Dearborn
Construction Industry
Term expires 10/31/22
Mary "Lisa" Franklin, Dearborn
Mobility limited individuals
Term expires 10/31/22
Ronald Campbell, Flint
Term expires 10/31/23
Michael Powell, Warren
Visually impaired
Term expires 10/31/23