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Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is empowered by the Constitution of the State of Michigan (Article 11, Section 5), to: classify all positions in the classified service according to their respective duties and responsibilities; fix rates of compensation for all classes of positions; approve or disapprove disbursements for all personal services, determine by competitive examination and performance exclusively on the basis of merit, efficiency and fitness the qualifications of all candidates for positions in the classified service; make rules and regulations covering all personnel transactions; and regulate all conditions of employment in the classified service.
The administration of the commission's powers shall be vested in a state personnel director who shall be a member of the classified service and who shall be responsible to and selected by the commission. The Civil Service Commission is a bipartisan commission consisting of four non-salaried persons appointed by the governor to serve eight-year, staggered terms. Not more than 2 members shall be members of the same political party.

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Contact Information

Civil Service Commission
Phone: (517) 373-3020
Fax: (517) 373-3103


Janet McClelland (I), Lansing - Chair
Term ends 12/31/22
Jase Bolger (R), Grand Rapids
Term ends 12/31/24
Jeff Steffel (I), Springport
Term ends 12/31/26
Nick Ciaramitaro (D), Roseville
Term ends 12/31/28