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Commission for Logistics and Supply Chain Collaboration

The Commission for Logistics and Supply Chain Collaboration was created by PA 76 of 2013, signed into law by Governor Snyder in June of 2013. The Commission is housed in the Michigan Strategic Fund and replaces the old Michigan Commission on Supply Chain Management and Development. The 10-member Commission will include members who have education in, experience with, or knowledge of supply chain management and logistics, including, but not limited to, individuals representing commerce, transportation, border operators, warehousing, local economic development agencies, and institutions of higher learning. The Commission is charged with advising appropriate state agencies on methods, proposals, programs, and initiatives involving freight transportation and supply chain management in this state that may stimulate state economies and provide additional employment opportunities for this state, creating avenues of communication between this state and Ontario and the federal government of Canada, as well as other state, regional, and local governments, concerning economic development, trade and commerce, transportation, and industrial affairs concerning supply chain management, surveying and auditing how other states have used supply chain management capabilities to attract industry and determining which industries in this state would benefit from supply chain coordination. Members serve terms expiring at the pleasure of the Governor.

Public Act 76 of 2013, MCLA 125.1893

Craig Newell

Appointed Members
Leslie Brand, Holland
Roger Huff, Farmington Hills
Robert Boehm, Grand Ledge
Dr. David Closs, Willimaston
Dr. Pasi Lautula, Hancock
Frederick Schlemmer, Novi
Nominee of the Senate Majority Leader
Janice Walsh, Livonia
Nominee of the Speaker of the House
Additional Members
President of the Michigan Strategic Fund or thier designee
Director of the Michigan Department of Transportation or thier designee
Director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development or thier designee