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Committee on the Purchase of Goods and Services from Community Rehabilitation Organizations (Set-Aside Committee)

The Set-Aside Committee, housed within the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB), was designed to oversee the purchase of goods and services from community rehabilitation organizations by doing the following:
  • Identifying, reviewing, and recommending approval or disapproval to the state administrative board requests from community rehabilitation organizations to provide goods and services for purchase by the DTMB
  • Establishing eligibility criteria for participating community rehabilitation organizations
  • Establishing and reviewing fair market prices and methods for establishing fair market prices for goods and services to be purchased from community rehabilitation organizations
Members are appointed by the Governor to serve two-year terms.




Justin Caine, Lansing
Represents Members at Large
Term Expires 3/31/22
Todd Culver, Haslett
Represents Statewide Nonprofits Concerned with Community Rehabilitation Organizations
Term Expires 3/31/22
Genevieve Hayes, Royal Oak
Represents the Purchasing Division of DTMB
Term Expires 3/31/22
Karsten Bekemeier, East Lansing
Represents Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Term Expires 3/31/22
David Ellis, Okemos
Represents Members at Large
Term Expires 3/31/22